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Preparing Your Property For Sale

Call A Bradley Real Estate Agent

Before you begin preparing your home for sale, call Bradley Real Estate. Our agents are expert consultants when helping you prepare your home for sale. They are happy to help you, make recommendations and refer you to professionals that will assist you in the process of preparing your home for sale. (Click Here to contact Melissa Bradley Real Estate now!)

Curb Appeal

Giving buyers a good first impression of your home is very important. Your home should appeal to a potential buyer driving by your house. You may want to consider planting some colorful flowers or adding some plants to fill out the landscaping. Be sure that your lawn and bushes are trimmed, weeds are pulled and any excess refuse is removed from the premises. Also, be sure to check that all light fixtures and bulbs are working. During the rainy season, check your gutters to ensure they are clean and properly draining through the down spouts. On a daily basis, you should sweep your walkways and clean your entryway of any accumulated dirt, leaves or spider webs.

Have a Handyman Make Small Repairs

Making small repairs will make a big difference for potential buyers. If potential  buyers notice little things that are not fixed, then they may believe that there are many other problems with the house that they are unaware of. Ultimately, these little problems may dissuade an otherwise interested buyer from making an offer on your home.Bradley Real Estate will recommend a handyman to go through your home to fix minor problems like loose doorknobs, sticking and squeaking doors and windows, and other minor flaws that will detract from your homes value and appeal to buyers.

Paints and Carpets

Unless you are selling a home as a true "Fixer-Upper" or you have recently painted or replaced your carpets you may consider painting the interior and replacing the carpets in your home. Faded walls and stained or worn carpets reduce a homes appeal. These two improvements give homes a quick rejuvenation that is appealing to many buyers.

Clean Out the Closets, Garage and Other Storage Areas

Neat, organized and sparsely populated storage areas will show that space is ample in your home. Conversely, messy and unorganized closets will make the space feel small and more crowded. Remove all unnecessary accumulations from closets and the garage. If your closets are full and contain important, necessary items, then consider boxing up some of these items and moving them into temporary off-site storage. By taking these steps, not only will your home show better, you will also be more prepared for your upcoming move.

Staging Consultation

As with over packed closets, your home may contain excess furniture that will give it a crowded feeling. Upon listing your house with Bradley Real Estate, our agents can arrange for a professional staging consultant to assist you in repositioning or removing furniture and other household items in a manner that will help present your home in a favorable manner. Sometimes minor redecorating is recommended if certain elements of your home are dated. For example, shag carpet, foil and flock wallpaper, etc., can be turn-offs even when the rest of your house is terrific and updated. Our staging consultants will suggest quick and inexpensive ideas that may greatly improve how your home shows to potential buyers.

Cleanliness Attracts Buyers

Put a little sparkle and shine in your home and it will pay off. Make sure that your carpets are vacuumed, floors mopped, furniture and fixtures dusted and your home is otherwise neat and tidy. You may even consider displaying arrangements of colorful and fresh flowers for open houses to make your home feel more charming and inviting.

Let the Sun in and Turn All the Lights On

Open all shades, shutters and drapes to give your home maximum exposure to sunlight. Turn every light on in the house, even during the day. Be sure to replace all burned out bulbs and to repair or replace broken light fixtures.

Three is a Crowd

Most buyers prefer privacy when being shown through a house. Whenever possible, let agents show potential buyers your house.  Take your pets with you. Not all buyers look favorably on having cats, dogs, birds or other animals at the home, so take “Bengi” and “Tweety” with you.    Being alone with their agent will allow buyers to feel more relaxed when discussing the potential of buying your home. If it is necessary for you or your family members to stay at the home while being shown, do not discuss terms, price, etc., with the buyers or their agent. This is your agent’s role and responsibility and will make your transaction go a lot smoother. 



 Our agents will order the inspections required by local and state laws to ensure you comply with your legal obligations to the buyer of your property.

Inspection Sheets

Paperwork and Disclosures

We have standard forms for disclosures and all the other associated paperwork required for the sale of your home. Upon listing your house with Bradley Real Estate your Realtor® will lead you through the process to ensure that all the appropriate disclosures and paperwork are completed.

Paperwork & Disclosures

Advertising Your Property

When you hire one of our Realtors® to market and sell your home you can expect the highest level of service and attention to detail.  We are marketing masters.  Each property is unique and will have an advertising campaign tailored for the specific property's individual needs. Listed below please find some of the vehicles we may use to market and sell your fine home.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Your home will be placed on the Bay Area MLS. This is a sophisticated online computer service used by Realtor® members.  Agents in Marin, and other agents in the surrounding areas can access this data. Your home information, as well as photographs and virtual tours will available to agents and their clients. Bay Area MLS information is also made available on many public web pages.  This access allows all buyers searching for property in Northern California to access the information, photographs and virtual tours of your home.  With up to 70% of homebuyers starting their search for property on the Internet, the MLS is a highly effective way to expose your home to the most potential buyers.   (Click Here to search the MLS from our web page).

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