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Broker's Open House

In order to sell your home it must be exposed to the Realtors® in Marin and surrounding areas.  To facilitate this we will hold broker's open houses.  Your first broker's open house will be held in coordination with your homes first week listed on the MLS, and will be hosted by your Realtor® provided your home is ready to be shown at that time. Your Realtor® will distribute full color property brochures professionally designed to show and describe your unique home. When applicable, the first broker's open house will be catered with food for the agents to eat while they discuss the great qualities of your home.

Public Open House

Exposing your home to the public via open houses has proven to be an effective and efficient way to show your home to many potential buyers.  We are able to get a large number of buyers through your home in a short period of time.  Thus, cutting down the amount of appointments necessary for the weekly showings.  Public open houses are held Saturday and/or Sunday until your home is sold. However, if you prefer to hold Public open houses less frequently, then we will accommodate your preferences and hold open houses as you prefer.

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